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Welcome to the hottest shop in Beeston

Here at the Fireplace & Stove Shop Nottingham we have hand picked the finest range of Fireplaces, Stoves, and Accessories from some of the best suppliers in the country. In our warm, inviting showroom you can come and have a chat in a relaxed environment and we will make sure you find yourself the perfect fireplace, whatever your style is.

Since opening the shop on the 8th October 2011 we have been working hard to keep the shop looking fantastic. Now into our second year we have now secured brands such as Chesney’s, Contura, Eco Ideal, Hunter Stoves, Aga and many more! On top of these great stove brands we are constantly bringing in new electric fires, gas fires & all kinds of fireplaces to show in the showroom.

Latest news

End of another great season

As we are now approaching Easter the fireplace and stove industry starts to slow down so we can all have a well deserved break after another fantastic year.
Here at the Fireplace and Stove shop we had a fantastic 6 months with sales well above what we predicted and we have put it down to the great brands we stock. We now have stoves to suit all budgets and tastes and from the lovely enameled Carron stoves all the way up to the highly advanced chesney’s products there’s not many people we can’t please!
So as the season comes to a close this is the time if you haven’t already thought about a stove to start planning as we have great offers over the next few months and we can be getting the work done ready for next winter!

Always keeping the showroom fresh

Here at the Fireplace and Stove shop Beeston we pride ourselves on keeping everything up to date. With this in mind we always keep things changing in the showroom to accommodate new products and brands.
We have recently built a new display that hold 4 inset DEFRA approved wood burning and multi fuel stoves from Contura, OER and Westfire as well as 5 freestanding multi fuel and wood burning DEFRA approved stoves from Burley, Capital, Mendip and Carron.

Great things come to those who wait

Since setting up in 2011 we have been working hard to get some of the best names in Fires, Fireplaces and Stoves.
For a while now we have been stocking Kinder & Verine gas fires, we have had Hunter, Parkray, Eco Ideal & Aga multi fuel stoves along side Westfire and Contura Woodburning Stoves but now we are pleased to announce we have the Cleanburn range of multi fuel DEFRA approved stoves going on live display as well as the CHESNEY’S range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves coming into the shop.
Soon we will have 4 stoves on live display so you can come and see the different stoves burning away in front of you.

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