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Liquid Heat

As the world evolves we have seen a lot of changes in what the customer wants and what the media portrays as a good form of heating.

When we started wood burning was seen as an eco friendly way of heating your home as it was carbon neutral and sustainable this has been slightly tarnished but we still believe there is no better way to heat your home.

With that in mind though as every new housing estate that pops up around us is being built without a fireplace in mind we have comes to realise that the general public miss that focal point.

So fast forward to 2022 and as the world slowly regains the new normal we have seen a big increase in the demand for the new way to get a focal point with REAL flames - BIO ETHANOL

This liquid heat is one of the most versatile ways create a real fire in your home.

It doesn't require a flue, in theory it can be moved rooms depending on what style you buy and the technology means it looks better than ever.

We are currently stocking fires from Chesney's and Henley so if you would like to see one then just come in store and prepare to be dazzled.

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