The easy world of wood buring

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Too often people visit us in store or call up exploring the options of electric or gas looking stoves as 'Wood Burners are too much hard work'.

Well over our years we have talked through and even shown a lot of customers this just isn't true.

The first thing people need to understand is anything in life is hard work if you use the wrong tools and like trying to butter toast with a screwdriver if you don't use the right tools to light your stove then it will be harder work then necessary.

We follow these simple sets using

Natural Firelighters

Split wood kindling

Kiln Dried Wood

Step one - place 2-3 small logs on the base of the stove

Step two - Light the firelighter in the center of the logs

Step three - build up a tower of 10-16 sticks of kinlding allowing the flames to touch the kidling

Step four - Place a firelighter on top and push the door too

After 5-10 minutes this should have established a decent flame and you should be able to close the door.

Once the flames die off and you have a good bed of embers you can add more fuel.

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